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Building Art: Human Empowerment and the Role of Technology          

Marc Leman examines human expression through the concept of the expressive moment, which he defines as “that critical point in time at which we grasp a situation and respond quickly, even before we are fully aware or it” (Leman, 2016, ix). Leman also states that “expression drives this kind of interaction [i.e., the expressive moment] and that it forms a basis of human communication and empowerment” (ibid., ix). Aligning ourselves with these general notions of expression, interaction and empowerment, we propose Building Art: Human Empowerment and the Role of Technology as the overarching theme for 2018 IAST.

Furthermore, we identified the following ten broad topics after a preliminary survey of the research-creation of the 40+ scholar-artists who have expressed an interest in 2018 IAST. These topics will provide the context through which we investigate modes of human expression and the overarching theme.

  1. Gesture (tracking) and the stage
  2. Computer assisted creation: interactive or responsive?
  3. Sound and vocal synthesis/analysis
  4. Performance: theatre, narrative image and sound
  5. VR and expanded cinematic practice
  6. Technology cultures / culture technologies
  7. Indigenous media arts
  8. Gender and technology
  9. Collaboration and the non-programmer/non-technologist
  10. Interfacing and hardware design








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