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We invite proposals for participation for the 2018 IAST and Crossing Boundaries Symposium to be held at the University of Lethbridge from 25 to 27 October, 2018.           

Due date

The submission system for scholar-artists (i.e., academic faculty) is now closed.

The Call for Student Participation in the Student Exhibition is now closed.

Guidelines and information

  1. Review our overarching theme, Building Art: Human Empowerment and the Role of Technology, and the ten broad topics for 2018 IAST, on the research topics page on the website.
  2. Review the activities page on the website. Looking at the schedule page may also be useful.
  3. You may submit more than one proposal. Create a new submission for each proposal.
  4. Do not anonymise your proposal materials.
  5. Enter our submission system by going to the submission information and requirements page for each submission type (below), read the requirements and then, click on Submit Proposal. We suggest you prepare the submission requirements off-line before entering our proposal submission system.
  6. After submitting your proposal, the website will automatically generate a message with a link for editing your submission. Please bookmark this link for future reference.
  7. The submission system uses Qualtrics (a cloud-based survey tool). All data submitted remains on servers located in Canada.
  8. Please register to attend the 2018 IAST and Crossing Boundaries Symposium. That is to say, responding to this call for participation is not the same as registration. The registration system is separate. Go to Attend and Registration after responding to the call for participation.

Call distribution

This call for participation is being distributed to the limited number of scholar-artists who initially expressed an interest in forming an interactive art, science, and technology cluster in Western Canada. If you have colleagues who you believe should be involved, and who have not been contacted, we encourage you to share information about 2018 IAST with them. However, we are only considering submissions from those colleagues if they co-submit with one of the scholar-artists who originally expressed an interest in 2018 IAST (please visit the networking webpage, which directs you to those scholars-artists currently involved). 2018 IAST includes Regional Meetings, which have been designed to involve a larger community and encompass researchers beyond those who initially expressed interest in 2018 IAST.

Additional information and requirements

Oral presentation, poster, proposal for a cluster-topic discussion (closed)

Performance, installation (closed)

Student exhibit, poster, installation, research pitch (closed)

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