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Introduction & Orientation

An introduction to both Crossing Boundaries, 2018, at ULethbridge and the 2018 Interactive Art, Science, and Technology cluster. Topics: introductions to ULethbridge participants and facilitators, overview of symposium activities and schedule, directions with respect to using public transportation as well as dining, internet access and other facilities while on campus, etc.


Sessions nos. 1 to 5

Five two-hour public sessions, each consisting of oral presentations on art-technology research and creation (see the ten research topics). The objective is to place, side by side, different approaches (e.g., outcomes, methodologies, artistic disciplines, knowledge dissemination strategies) in an effort to find new and nascent research-creation intersections. Each session will conclude with a group discussion, debate and/or break-out group talks.


Cluster Meetings nos. 1 to 3

Three cluster meetings exclusively for 2018 IAST scholar-artists and graduate students aimed at networking and cluster organization. The topics at cluster meetings will be varied, but will include: funding strategies (with invited institutional funding representatives [e.g., SSHRC, NSERC, Canada Council for the Arts, provincial arts]); exploring thematic intersections that may reveal potential opportunities for future co-creation; Western Canadian IAST structural planning including establishing regional groupings/meetings (e.g., cluster identity, capacity for advancement of the field and limitations, action plan for development and growth).


VR (Virtual Reality) Science Building Tour

In 2019, the University of Lethbridge is scheduled to open a new science and academic edifice (Stantec Architecture and KPMB Architects). During IAST, participants will be given a guided VR tour of the new building, which is currently referred to as the Destination Project.  For instance, participants may be interested in visiting the Multi-sensory Theatre, which will support human movement studies in an immersive virtual reality environment.


Keynote Presentations

In alignment with the annual ULethbridge Crossing Boundaries Symposium, two guest scholars have been invited to present a public keynote address: Dr. Aleksandra Dulic (UBC-Okanagan Campus, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology) and Dr. Sid Fels (UBC-Vancouver Campus, Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science).


Student Exhibition

Students will be asked to present their research-creation publicly within the context of a student exhibition on Level 4 of the University Centre for the Arts throughout the day on Saturday, 27 October, 2018. This activity corresponds to the full-day presentation regularly supported by the Crossing Boundaries Symposium. As a result, the exhibition will provide the regular Crossing Boundaries attendees (e.g., members of the university and Lethbridge communities) and 2018 IAST participants with opportunities to discover the new work of up-and-coming researchers from several institutions. Please note that one of the closed IAST cluster meetings will run parallel to the morning student exhibition. However, effort will be made to give cluster participants an opportunity to peruse student works in the atrium, in the afternoon.


Events nos. 1 to 2

Two public evening events will showcase the creative work of 2018 IAST participants. The first event will occur in the classical Recital Hall at the University of Lethbridge. The second event will consist of scholar-artists’ introductions to, and illuminating discussions on, installation artworks, which will be assembled in the University Atrium throughout the three days of the symposium. These events will include staged performances (e.g., sound, music, movement, drama and dance), indigenous and interactive media art outcomes, multi-disciplinary installation art treating audience members as active participants, among other types of activities.








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